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First Name Last Name State Year CFIP Received Current Status
Roman Samuels TX 2019 Active
Sophie Brooks-Ames TX 2019 Active
Shawn Frehner NV 2019 Active
Cheryl Paul NV 2018 Active
Nancy Davila NV 2018 Active
Rhyan Young CA 2019 Active
Michael Gbenoba TX 2018 Active
Zachary Sooter IL 2018 Active
Domingo Villarreal TX 2018 Active
William Zank MI 2018 Active
CFIP designation holders are leaders in the community who have demonstrated commitment to excellence and the highest ethical standards by meeting educational and ongoing requirements. If you are concerned that someone may be improperly using or representing CFIP membership, please contact us at or by calling 800-243-5097.