2: Bond Market Overview: Its Participants and the New Issue Process

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Learn the reasons bonds are issued, the process issuers use to borrow money from bond buyers and the impact of secondary market activity. Review the roles and compensation models of market participants in order to identify what drives behavior.



1: Bond Primary Markets: Price Setting Mechanisms and Choice of Markets

2: Role of Primary Market Participants

3: Bond Secondary Markets

4: Walk-through of a Bond Issue (Part1)

5: Walk-through of a Bond Issue (Part2)


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There are no prerequisites for this course.

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George Richardson

Head of Capital Markets, The World Bank Treasury


George Richardson is Head of Capital Markets at the World Bank. He joined the Capital Markets group of the World Bank Treasury in August 2006. He is now its Head of Capital Markets. Prior to joining, he headed Goldman Sachs' Sovereign, Supranational, and Agency Debt Origination group based in London. Mr. Richardson holds an MBA from Boston University, degrees in Finance from London Business School, and Aeronautical Engineering from the Ohio State University. Prior to his banking career, he was a commissioned officer in the United States Navy and flew reconnaissance aircraft.

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