14: Best Practices for Building Win-Win Relationships

Course Description

Learn the various roles service providers perform and how to identify which service providers are best suited to provide value to your investment strategy and requirements. This course will also review the evolving concept of fiduciary responsibility and share best practices for building productive, win-win relationships to achieve long term, positive results.


1: Importance of Building Relationships

2: Fiduciaries and Types Service Providers

3: The Impact of Business Models

4: Best Practices for Constructive Communication

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There are no prerequisites for this course.

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Course Instructor

Terry McCall

President, Portfolio Services for Government, LLC


Terry McCall is president of Portfolio Services for Government, LLC, providing investment policy analysis and facilitating the selection of investment advisors and managers for local governments, federal agencies, and educational institutions. A former US Bank vice-president, he was also for 12 years Chief Financial Officer for the City of Gresham, Oregon. He is an advisor to the GFOA Treasury and Investment Management Committee. Terry has spoken and taught extensively at national and regional conferences and seminars for GFOA and other organizations on various government financial management topics, including Advanced Public Investing. Terry has also provided pro-bono financial consulting for cities in Java and Sumatra, Indonesia, programs coordinated by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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