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Have you ever bought a bond then thought, “Oh no, should I have gotten a better deal?” If you relate, we can help. Fixed Income Academy is comprised of a team of experts and seasoned practitioners who share a common belief: Education is the key to leveling the playing field between buyers and sellers in the fixed income investment community. We are on a mission to deliver confidence and encourage open conversation. To see why we created Bond School to help our students achieve their investment goals, check out our 3-minute video. And, as always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.


We do what we do because of students like you

Empowered to serve!

"The CFIP designation gave me a broader understanding of the fixed income universe. I feel empowered to serve my clients more completely."

Roman Samuels
Financial Consultant at Sage Advisory Services

Flexible platform for learning!

"Bond School has been a wonderful resource in advancing my financial education. As a working professional, I especially appreciated the self-directed style of the platform. Thank you to everyone at Fixed Income Academy for creating such a wonderful product!"

Kimberly Hicks
President at AAA Scholarship Foundation

Never too late to learn!

"I have been the town treasurer for 18 years and thought I was pretty solid in my understanding of municipal investing. This program solidified the things I have gleaned over the years, then 'doubled down' on the concepts that support all the things we do as treasurers."

Roger Carroll
Finance Director/Treasurer at Town of Loomis

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Top 10 Reasons Why...

1Better execution; better returns

Saving one “tick” on one $5,000,000 trade ($1562.50) almost pays for the entire CFIP program. Earning one additional basis point on a $100,000,000 portfolio means an additional $10,000 per year in revenue. Make that just 10 basis points, and you have $100,000 for every $100mm under management.

Fixed income execution costs are often hidden, but that does not mean they are not there. Opportunity cost is harder to quantify, but that does not mean it should be overlooked. Research shows that in many cases implementing smarter investment strategies can increase portfolio yields by 25-40 basis points, without dramatically increasing portfolio risk. Worth thinking about even if you only improve a little.

2Learn the lingo

Even if you are not sure what a “tick” is, we can help. Learning the market lingo will demystify the alphabet soup of terminology used in various market sectors. Believe us, we ALL started out scratching our heads and still do. Why? Because every sector of the fixed income markets uses unique terminology and, to confuse matters even more, assigns different meaning to the same terms. For example, “reg settle” has a different meaning to a corporate trader than to an agency trader. Our courses will equip you with the basics so you know when and where to ask for clarification.

3Be more informed when conversing with "the street"

A few years ago, the movie Rounders about the world of poker delivered a life lesson not unlike the bond markets. “If you sit down at the table and within the first half hour can’t identify the fish, then you are the fish.” We are paraphrasing, but you get the point. Don’t be the fish.

4Complete your CE without jamming it all in at the last minute

We continue to implement tools to assist our students’ success because we know exactly what it is like to run around at the last minute looking for ways to complete continuing education requirements to meet looming deadlines. (Guilty!) Then we default to jamming in whatever credits we can find and do it so fast that we really do not learn anything in the process; thus defeating the purpose of obtaining continuing education. (Are we the only ones? Something tells me no.)

Here are some of the tools we provide to help our students cram less:

  1. Dedicated Student Support Team
  2. Monthly Progress Reports for Students
  3. Quarterly Executive Summaries for Department Managers
  4. Interactive discussion boards for peer to peer and student to instructor interaction
  5. CFIP Study Guide to keep coursework organized
  6. New! Quarterly Virtual Workshops are mini-courses taught by industry experts, include CPE, and cover more topical and product specific subjects. The topics we cover are based on feedback from our current students and grads, so keep the feedback coming!

5Meet your fiduciary obligations

If you are responsible for either the oversight or management of “other peoples’ money”, you are likely acting as a fiduciary. As such, you have an obligation to be knowledgeable and stay current on the financial markets. It is a big job; we make it easier.

6Identify the "red flags" when you hear about the next big trade

a. Rest assured, with interest rates so low and profits continually being squeezed, the next big trade (post SIVs, CDOs and Auction Rate Securities) is being engineered as we speak. We are NOT passing judgment about the merits of any particular security type. We are merely suggesting that investors will benefit by knowing what questions to ask when vetting the “soon to be named” investment of the day. Our goal is to empower investors to know when any investment is appropriate for their portfolio and when it is best to walk away.

7Sleep better knowing your staff is equipped

Training budgets are the first to go making it more and more difficult to send even senior staff to just one conference a year. We also know that for every person that benefits from training at a conference, several team members are left behind. Those team members are often the next generation of overseers, auditors and investment managers, if they are not managing portfolios already. We provide a cost effective and efficient way to bring your staff up to speed and keep them ahead of the game.

8Save money and time by reducing travel budgets

We love conferences and proudly partner with organizations whose mission it is to educate. Connecting with peers provides intangible benefits difficult to obtain any other way. Still, the reality is that time and travel budgets are tight. Online options are a great way to augment the conference experience for those able to attend and to bring needed education to those who cannot.

9Increase your value in the marketplace

Whether you are looking to advance in your organization, looking to break in, or looking for something new; current and prospective employers will value the commitment you made to improve your base of knowledge and the perspective learned from our expert instructors and practitioners.

10Look good doing it

Making the commitment will not only help you do a better job, it will prepare you to achieve the most suitable certificate or designation to meet your career goals. Not to mention the bonus of being recognized for your effort! Visit our Path to Designation page to learn more.

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We exist to serve professionals responsible for the management, oversight or regulation of institutional fixed income portfolios.

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How We Get Paid

Fixed Income Academy is primarily funded by selling courses. For this reason we are incentivized to create the best courses possible to add value to the lives of our students. The more value we add, the more students we will attract. In addition, in order to keep registration fees low and the quality of our content high, we will also partner with organizations interested in co-creating courses or training sessions. As with all content, sponsored courses will be developed according to the same rigorous Fixed Income Academy standards. Sponsorship credit will be given to the sponsoring firm.

How We Give Back

Fixed Income Academy is committed to promoting financial literacy. From our inception we have decided to donate 10% of our profits to non-profit organizations that are equally passionate about training people, especially young people, about money. We will partner with organizations like Moneythink, and The Center for Investment and Wealth Management (CIWM) at the Paul Merage School of Business | University of California, Irvine. Advisory board member, Victoria Beatley, will take the lead to determine the most effective way to invest our funds.